How to Choose a Pool Cue Tip


With the number of pool cue tips available as well as the selection of sizes and densities, picking a hint can be an overwhelming job. Cue tips are usually judged by tip density and substances. Which hint you select depends on your aims as a pool participant.

Suggestion Density

Cue Tips

When you know, various hints have different densities or degrees of hardness ranging from soft to additional difficult.

What this means is that a gentle tip will require more care than a suggestion.

Several gamers that choose a soft tip believe there's a relation between English and tip softness. The feeling is the softer the point, the more English and control you obtain on the ball.

Another camp has players who prefer a harder trick. Having a hard tip, you'll be replacing your tip much less often than a delicate tip. Furthermore, several gamers who enjoy hard tips believe they're able to attain more control and consistency with a hard point.

Testing Tip Density

The most usual strategy to do a fundamental density check will just push your thumbnail into the point. A hard tip won't leave any impression whatsoever, even though a soft tip will leave a significant impression.

So Many To Pick From...

So now that you understand a little about suggestions, what type should you purchase? Definitely, the most well-known tip on the market is the Le Pro Tip. Also known as Le Professional Tips, these tips are incredibly affordable, are used by most generation cues and as a medium-hard tip, will continue quite a while. Le Pro-tips are located on most major manufacturers and are excellent tips. In the soft-side, the most famous and affordable tip is the Elk Learn.

Consider Talisman tips or Moori tips, in case you are prepared to step up to a high end cue point. These tips are substantially more expensive, but are created using a few of the highest quality hides on the market now. Moori tips, for example, are constructed with eleven levels of top quality pigskin and Talisman ideas are made with a very sturdy buffalo hide.

Finally, every pool player will have a different opinion in regard to what is the finest pool cue tip. The only means to select the right tip for you will find a suggestion that compliments your playing style.